Fun Locations to Visit in South Carolina

We’re in the middle of the summer season, which means lots of families are enjoying the sunshine and warm weather while on vacation. If you are planning a trip to South Carolina, or are enjoying a staycation in the state in which you already live, no doubt you want to be made aware of what’s fun to do there! In this article, we will discuss fun locations to visit in South Carolina.

1. Brookgreen Gardens

The first location on our list is a family-friendly place to visit in South Carolina. This 9,100-acre property is situated just south of Murrells Inlet. Brookgreen Gardens features a plethora of nature trails, sculpture gardens, and even a zoo! This one is definitely a location to visit when in South Carolina, particularly for nature lovers.

2. Ghost and Graveyard Tour

Spooky! If you enjoy creepy tales of ghosts and trips through graveyards, you will adore the Ghost and Graveyard Tour located in Charleston. You will meet your guide before venturing to a graveyard to hear about the ghastly residents who still move about when the sun goes down. Ever heard of “saved by the bell”? You’ll be glad you weren’t around when that phrase was coined! Expect to spend 90 chilling minutes on this fabulous tour.

3. Family Kingdom Amusement Park

When on vacation during the summer season, the whole family will want to enjoy a day or two at an amusement park. Fortunately, South Carolina doesn’t disappoint! Family Kindom is an amusement park located in Myrtle Beach, and this location is definitely one to visit if you are in the area. With 37 rides and activities for the whole family to enjoy, you’re sure to have the time of your life while making treasured memories.

4. Coligny Beach

What summertime vacation is complete without a trip to the beach? In Hilton Head, there is Coligny Beach, an area with plenty of sand and sun. Plan to spend a day or two enjoying this clean and beautiful beach before venturing back home.

In conclusion, South Carolina is a fantastic location to visit for a summer vacation or just because! Enjoy a day appreciating nature, or take a ghastly tour throughout Charleston. There’s fun to be had at a thrilling amusement park and to round out the trip, splash around at a beautiful beach. Try out these locations in South Carolina. You’ll be glad you did!