Heating Tips

Keep Your Apartment Warm with These Heating Tips

Winters are often too cold in Corpus Christi. Everyone has to depend on heating systems and furnaces to get through those cold, dark months. But winter would be as colder as you’d allow it to be – with some easy heating tips for apartments, you’ll allow yourself to stay warm when temperatures drop under the freezing point.


First simple tip for keeping your Corpus Christi apartments warm in winters is to close the windows and let them be all the time. You can lose lots of heat from your apartment through the windows. It’d appear to be “no-brainer”, however, make sure to check all windows in the apartment for ensuring that they’re locked and kept closed throughout the winter season. Make all the efforts to ensure that you do not have to open the windows altogether. Even if the windows are kept closed, still the warm air can escape between wall and window frame as well as through the cracks in the glass or around edges of the loose pane. To make sure that warm air doesn’t escape through window frame, plastic weather-stripping or durable frame can be your options, and you can install them between the window frame and sash.

To make sure that your apartments in Corpus Christi are kept warm in winters, cover the leaky windows. For preventing air against escaping around edges of the loose pane, tape or caulk around edges of the loose pane in the place where the framework of the sash is being met. As an alternate, you can be able to cover the leaky windows using thin plastic sheet so that warm air cannot escape through them. Before you install anything or modify the windows of the apartment, make sure that you have the consent of your landlord, and you are doing it with their permission.

Quite similar to the windows, keeping the doors of the apartment closed most of the time in winters can be helpful in keeping the heat inside the unit.

The doors of your apartment rentals can be made draft-proof using caulking and weather-stripping. Warm air may easily be able to escape between a wall and the doorframe – if that’s the case, you can simply caulk between the wall and the frame. In many apartments, most of the warm air gets lost under your door’s bottom. Installing draft-stopper or door sweep for preventing air from escaping under your doors will certainly be helpful in the prevention of this loss while keeping the apartment as warm as possible. You can easily find all these supplies at some hardware store.

Along with keeping the apartment comfortable, when the windows and doors are made weatherproof, it will also be helpful for you in saving considerable amount of energy which would otherwise have been spent in keeping the unit warm.