Tractor-trailer barrels into front of school bus with special needs students on board

SIMPSONVILLE, SC (WHDH) — A tractor-trailer barreled across the road and into the front of a school bus with kids on board in South Carolina.

The bus driver, Tammy Cummings, who has worked for the school district for 16 years, saw the tractor-trailer lose control and head straight for the bus.

“I knew he was gonna lose control then. I had no where to go because there was rail guards on both sides of me,” she said.

The entire crash was caught on surveillance cameras installed on the school bus. She was driving four special needs students and an aide at the time.

“I just watched the bed of that truck come towards me, and I held up my arms to cover my face because I knew that bed was gonna hit us,” Cummings explained.

She called for help, stating that everybody on the bus was okay.

Video shows her trying to keep the students calm as they waited for officials to arrive.

The school district said the video of the crash will be used in training sessions to show future bus drivers how they should act in case of a crash.

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